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Eyelash and Eyebrow TintFortuneŽ is a perfect and complete system for permanent colouring of eyelashes and eyebrows.  It was developed to give the eyes a natural radiant look that lasts for several weeks without the need to apply mascara. The eyes will simply look naturally wide, well defined and beautiful.

If you have busy lifestyle, involved in activities such as sports/ swimming, and don’t want to worry about having smears and smudges, FortuneŽ is the ideal solution.

FortuneŽ is easy to apply, gentle and safe. The system ensures careful removal of eye make up and cleansing of the eye area. It protects it before and during application and prevents discolouration of the skin surrounding the eyes. The treatment lasts for 15 minutes. Step by step instructions are provided.

To achieve the radiant expression of the eyes, use FortuneŽ Eyelash Black or Black-Blue for the eyelashes and Natural Brown or Graphite for the eyebrows.

FortuneŽ eyelash and eyebrow dye is available in four colours: Black, Blue-Black, Natural brown and Graphite. The range includes the following products: developer liquid, grease-free eye make up remover, skin protection cream, eyelash paper, applicator and glass mixing bowl.


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